Pop Up Poetry in the Park

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The Pop-Up Poetry in the Park project format is a promotional roadshow. Its objective is the creation of an adaptable poet performance roving platform. Offering accessibility to the broadest possible audience and giving new and established poets a chance to perform their work to a live audience.

The free-to-attend events utilising parks/public green spaces tick a few accessibility buttons. Removing one of the financial barriers of not attending. As the Pop-Up roadshow travels to different locations, it is hoped accessibility due to distance or transport won’t be an issue. At some point, the poets will be near enough for all who want to attend to check out and enjoy the poets and their poetry.

Another objective of the Pop-Up Poetry in the Park is the filming of each performance. Sharing the video helps create an ever-green event and offers each poet a video asset for their social media.

The performance recordings will be shared with radio media outlets. Opening new doors to a potential broader audience.  

Got a poem inside you or tucked away under the bed collecting dust? Check out www.facebook.com/strawberrygreenproductions for more details – and maybe we’ll be listening to your poetry sometime soon. And don’t panic – we’ve readers on the day if you’d prefer to sit back and soak up the atmosphere.

The Owl and the Pussy Cat by Edward Lear – performed by Tony Hillier