Community Generated Projects

Working together we’re stronger

A non-profit, community-driven enterprise, or charitable organisation on a mission – we get that, and we get you. We’re on a mission, too – and want to support your project.

Committed to social good. Need to raise funds to open new doors and revenue streams.

Together we reach higher!

Here to support you tell your story, and get your message out there to everyone. Think of us as your public service announcement video production company.

“StrawberryGreenProductions really care about what they do, nothing was too much trouble as they worked hard to help me find what I was looking for, as a result I am delighted with the end product. I have had so much positive feedback and of course it has increased both brand awareness and sales. Thank you so much to all the Strawberry Green Team, I will certainly be back for more!”

— Jo M.

Eastcott Studios