Once sign off is received, the video and all assets will be exported via a downloadable link created for the project. Prepared, packaged and ready to distribute across your chosen communications channels as agreed in the distribution plan.

There are various reasons why your videos should be appropriate and produced with a specific platform in mind whenever possible.

Various platforms suggest “ideal” limits in length, while pre-roll ads maybe even less.

Aspect ratios vary. On Facebook, square or even vertical videos work better than widescreen.

Silent autoplay is commonplace. Videos with captions that don’t rely on a voiceover to maximise engagement. Not all video is played with the sound on.

The call to action should be relevant. Avoid asking your audience to visit your website – while watching the video on your website!

Scripting slight variations of the same video for each intended platform can be a cost-effective way to boost results.

We offer the option of full asset delivery if you would like the raw video files, images, music assets for future use via a downloadable link.

“We would like to thank you, the whole crew, and the fabulous Lucy for a truly lovely experience!  We massively appreciated the crews efficiency in all technical aspects which allowed the focus on the dialogue to be so relaxed and supportive.  It really helped everyone to get the most from the opportunity. Thank you again for making it a brilliant experience!”

— Rae B.

Clinical Partners