Creative Process

You’re contemplating video for your organisation. The good news is a lot of statistical information is available to support your decision-making process. Social media platforms and our own consumption of data is changing. Facebook reports they receive more than 4 billion video views daily.

However, if you’re really serious about getting your slice of the action. Before the creative process swings into action, a few questions require your attention.

The Creative Brief

The Creative Brief will include your project’s background and objectives. The video’s aim, main hurdles, target audience, brand values, market positioning, competitors, and campaign distribution channels.

From this point onwards, all involved in the project will be referring back to the Creative Brief to ensure we are accomplishing the project’s goals. Your business is unique, no one knows your business better than you, and therefore a one size production service might be a tricky fit.


The Discovery Stage is when your knowledge and input allows us to put more meat on the bone, drilling down to fully understand your aspirations and the challenges you face. 

The Discovery Stage brings all interested parties involved together. Helping to clarify and understand what space the video aligned to your business needs and objectives will occupy. This stage is best accompanied with plenty of tea and good coffee – we’ll supply the biscuits, creative thinking burns a lot of calories!

Depending on the complexity and size of the project, the Discovery Stage could include a creative workshop. The Discovery stage is about sharing and listening to other voices involved to help to shape and form concept recommendations supporting your marketing goals.

Concept Development

The concept development stage is when the creative process takes shape as we create basic ideas and structure for the finished video. Presenting options, for you to determine the best fit concept for your business.

Pre Production

Pre Production is where we get all our ducks in a row and begin planning. Even the simplest of productions can have many moving parts. 


The production shoot schedule follows a scalable critical project management path. A sequence of time-bound activities to be completed to maximise productivity and ensure your project hits its due date.

Post Production

Where the team of detail obsessives collaborate to refine the story based outcome. Editing and assembling audio and visual components, audio mixing, colour correction, voiceover, motion graphics, animation, client logo, tagline, signature sound, titles, credits. Unlocking the full potential of your footage.


To deliver every asset created for the project, prepared, packaged and ready to distribute across your chosen communications channels as agreed in the distribution plan.